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Uganda uses Anti-Homosexuality Bill as a political diversion

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill could be passed in the next 24 hours. After two years of off and on the AHB will be presented at tomorrows parliamentary session. For the past three weeks Uganda has been in the midst of it’s own uprising against the Museveni government – the peaceful “Walk to Work” protests against rising prices and described by blogger Angie Kintu as a protest

about reality, frustration and desperate times. I am buying a litre of Ugandan made and grown cooking oil for sh6,500. I am paying sh3,600 for a litre of fuel. A tomato has gone up to sh300 at the very least.

Led by opposition leader Kissa Besigyne, protestors have been shot, killed and arrested including Besignyne. Whilst the AHB is being used to distract protestors away from violence of poverty both The Anti-Homosexuality Bill and the attacks against the “Walk to Work” protestors are interconnected – both are violations of human rights against Ugandan. There is not a huge amount to say that has not already been said except to say its WRONG WRONG WRONG – more here on Gay Uganda

Two other closely related Bills are also due for discussion tomorrow – the Marriage and Divorce Bill 2009 which also includes a ban against Same Sex Marriages, has a second reading and the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Bill 2010 which will criminalise “intentional transmission of AIDS virus, has a third reading. For more explanation on the implications and commentary on the HIV & AIDs Bill see here

Tomorrow will be a shameful day for human rights in Uganda.

There is a petition to try to stop the AHB being passed – see here