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Links for 2011-06-21

By Boat to Lampedusa and a New Life

Johnson left on a boat with 110 other migrants, among them several women and children, at 4am on 11 June. After being tracked by Lampedusa’s coastguards, the boat was escorted into port at midday the following day. “The sea was a little bit rough,” he said. “But I believed we would arrive.”
“Johnson paid US$800. The boat captains are usually also migrants who have paid a slightly reduced rate to agents who ask them to operate the boats. Often they have limited experience at sea and are treated like the other migrants. The boats are often impounded and a “boat graveyard” is appearing by the port.”

North African Dispatches Sarkozy and Africa: a matter of (dis)respect

A short article on Sarkozy’s imperialist fantasies in North Africa. “Nicolas Sarkozy, often said to be the European George Bush (W. evidently), is also considered to be an indelicate and brash statesman. His self-aggrandizing visits to former French colonies throughout his first term have done little to help the country’s increasingly tarnished image abroad.”

DRC: Angola’s `sans papiers’ violently deported in latest wave of expulsions

Angola deports thousands back to the DRC – many who are women who were tortured by the Angolan police. A truly shameful act on the part of Angola. As usual it is the most vulnerable who are victimised for inter government disputes and selfish greed by politicians …

“The women in Luiza said they were forced not to wear underwear by the Angolan military. You can obviously understand what their intention was. African women are reluctant to say they have been raped and so they need psycho-social support. Very few of the women can say they have not been assaulted by the military,” said Clovis Buala, regional coordinator for CISP in Kasai Occidental. He added that Congolese inmates at a prison in the region of Lunda Norte, Angola, had medication added to their food to make them tired in order to prevent them from escaping and to facilitate their transport en masse to the border. “

Nollywood for Human Rights

Nigeria’s filmmaking industry, Nollywood, takes on the issue of children’s rights and witchcraft

Monsanto Out to Monopolize African Agriculture

While Monsanto touts itself as an agricultural company whose aim to help farmers produce more while conserving more through their Genetically Modified (GM) seeds, the reality is that it’s all about the bottom line for Monsanto. The company simply wants to monopolize the seed market in the world and make the highest profits it can, with no concern for the adverse effects their actions have on the livelihood of farmers. In other words, it’s all about greed.