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Marcus and the Amazons: Book Trailer

Marcus and the Amazons – a children’s story by Geoffrey Philp


I believe Marcus and the Amazons is worthwhile, especially because…

1. It’s a great little story that will stimulate all kinds of duscussions
2. Marcus is respectful of others even when he disagrees with their actions
3. The story dramatizes the values of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
and the Civil Rights movement by placing the events in a different context.
4. Marcus resolves conflict without resorting to violence
5. The story shows that actions/motives are not always as simple as they may seem.

Did I mention its a great little story?


After traveling through the forest, Marcus returns to his home and discovers that Amazons have enslaved his colony and imprisoned Princess Amy, his bride-to-be.

With the help of his friends from the forest, Marcus must save Princess Amy and rally his colony to stand against the Amazons. But during his stay in the forest,

Marcus has also renounced violence. Will Marcus succeed?


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