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Waow! Parents decide not to coercively gender their child

“A tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation” A Canadian couple make a decision not to gender their child in an act to free zim from coercive stereotyping. This is a brave decision and it’ll be interesting to see whether a precedent has been set and other parents follow in what is a direct challenge to heterosexism and a cis-supremacist agenda.

Predictably, the backlash against this act that was not in compliance with coercive gendering came to a head and Internet Shitstorm Machine sprang to life.

As one can imagine in our cis-centric society, the family has received an enormous amount of criticism and little praise for their parenting choices. They have been accused of making their baby in to a “social experiment”, of “borderline child abuse”, and “being amoral hippies” in commentary from a multitude of sources. This fire storm of controversy and personal accusation have all come in the name of the “the good of the baby”.

But it’s hard for me to believe that any of this criticism can be counted on as being intellectually honest or in the interest of Storm. Storm and zir’s parents are experiencing what trans people are well used to, namely, they’re receiving criticism that is not about Strom at all. Instead, Storm and zir parents are being used by cis people as foils for their own personal conflicts, confusion and stereotypes about gender and gender relations.

The parental position is remarkable. Against all odds Storms parent are saying an emphatic, “fuck off” to the adversarial socialisation that is cis-supremacy. Touche to them both. Actually, by the time Storm comes of age in Canada bullying zir will be a punishable offence. The paranoia of the press is typical… They offer more scaremongering than substance and that’s a shame.

I commend Storm’s parents and the attention they have brought to this issue. How many transpeople do you know that are not in hiding? Why do some have to hide? And to what end? Passing is a form of hiding. We must all learn from what Storm’s parent are offering. We also need to accept that we cannot “fix” every aspect of nature using the tools of cultural construction… Nature will have its way whatever paranoid cranks like the press get up to. You do not know how long I have waited for someone to take this very stand. And Canada is the place for it. The spotlight is on how the rest of the world go forward. Waow!


  1. Anna-Sara

    There is a Swedish precedent, I believe:

  2. Sokari

    Even better that this is not the first time. Thanks

  3. Sokari

    I do envisage challenges in the future for example when the child starts school it will be very difficult to keep the child’s gender secret from other children not to speak of the fuss from the school authorities