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Blogging for TB: Real stories of people living with tuberculosis




TB&ME [multidrug-resistant tuberculosis]  it is a collaborative blogging project supported by Medecins Sans Frontieres is designed to give multidrug-resistant TB (MDR TB) sufferers a platform where they can share their experiences.   Over the coming months and years MSF will be conducting advocacy around TB and MDR-TB  with the aim and hope that through the project, they will learn what issues affect the patients most, where they are lacking in terms of treatment, diagnosis and services, and what MSF can offer in future.  MSF also hope that the personal voices will  help the wider public understand TB and the devastating  impact on  millions of sufferers worldwide.

The blog post are are either written or spoken directly by the patients from Uganda, India, Philippines and Swaziland . …See here for a selection of blog posts.