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Action Alert, Haiti

SOPUDEP [Haiti] Scholarship Programme needs your support


While SOPUDEP School provides accessible education from kindergarten to grade 12, Director Réa Dol often expresses the frustration she feels when her students simply have no means to continue their studies, in hopes of finding better work or a career. In a rural setting, the pursuit of higher education may not be as vital, with substantial energies focused on agriculture production and selling their bounty at the local markets – although make no mistake, that due to the continual destabilization of their agro-business by foreign powers, the rural population have their own set of problems and life is very hard. But in an urban setting, there aren’t many means for self sufficiency. This means that the poor class, whether uneducated, or those with some primary and even secondary education, are more at risk for unemployment, or to suffer at the hands of employers that can easily exploit them. Therefor, trade skill training and University can help give these poorer cast youth a substantial leg up. It may also serve to quiet the voice that says that higher education belongs almost exclusively to the rich.

For these bright young people, extended education means that they will have an opportunity to better serve their country and their fellow citizen’s. A career for them is not isn’t a means to an end, but a way for them to affect change.

For this first year, we have posted only three of SOPUDEP’s star students. We hope that all three will be able to attend the school of their choice for the duration of their studies. The following is a short introduction to each of these students, including school, program and cost. Links to the Schools websites have also been provided.

sauvlyneName: Sauvelyne Louis Jean
Birthday: 07/07/ 1989
From: Jacmel
School: Quisqueya University, Port-au-Prince
Option chosen: Education science
Years: 4
Price per trimester: $619 US
Price per  year: $1857  US + cost of textbooks and basic supplies


kervensName: Kervens Jean Noël
Birthday: 11/06/1987
From: Pétion-ville
School: Institut Supérieur Technique d’Haiti, Port-au-Prince
Option chosen: Civil Engineering
Years: 4
Price per Year: $1471.25 US + cost of textbooks and basic supplies
Price per quadmester: $367.82 US


marieName: Marie Trainne Charles
Birthday: 09/27/1991
From: Jérémie
School: University of Notre Dame d’Haiti, Port-au-Prince
Option chosen: Nursing science
Years: 4
Price per year: $1400 US + cost of textbooks and basic supplies
Price per month: $140 US


As there is a substantial commitment involved in seeing that one of these students can finish their studies, it might be something that an individual, family, group of friends, or a single organization would take on as a project.

If one decides to help put one of these students through school, they will receive regular updates of that student, including pertinent information on their scholastics.


More information on how you can support the students.