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Fear: An Avalanche of the Frantic

An avalanche of frantic
Fear besets the mind &
The animal called Everyone thinks it has
Found shared knowledge.
“Everyone knows,” they
Said & nobody asked me;
Robbed of reason they
To ancient beast of fear
& Act the part to a tee.
Fear is God, fear is grim,
Fear is knowledge, fear!
The root of all evil is the
Point where fear robs us
Of reason, of humanity.
Nobody cares to uncover
The disorder of daily life
Instead they call it “Order” to get by. All
They need is the petulant
Voice & they run away all
Knowing; knowing knot!
Why? They feel a
Preponderance of the
Unknown, they feel the
Sheer smallness of their
Place in the universes, They feel a Preponderance of frantic Fear altogether at once &
Think: Does that mean I’m a lesbian? Does it Mean I’m gay? Does it Mean I’m straight? Damn
You for making me think
Hand in hand with you lot Fear follows questioning Silence. Fear becomes God over night, oh my God
Nothing said About, ‘thou shall not use God’s name in vain’. When
Fear becomes God every
Thing is in vain…

Mia Nikasimo (c)