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iPad Apps I will Like to Create (1)

Last week, I bought a copy of ‘iPad: The Creative Pro’s Guide,’ which is a special edition of Computer Arts. It screamed ‘design your iPad app’ and I began to speculate on the possibility of learning to use the ‘Apple backend.’ For, as the people at Computer Arts affirm, the iPad and iPhone has brought a new twist to digital art and design (see interesting reports here and here). But, understanding how complex this might be for a person with varied passion and enthusiasm (as I verily am), I figured that it might be useful to state the ideas I have for iPad apps. Who knows, this playful manifesto might be useful for the app-developer who stumbles upon my ideas. And, given how good I am feeling today, I only request for a small mention of my name in the app!

Here are four ideas that could be wireframed into iPad apps — or thrown into the trash can.

  1. Padrarian — An app that allows users to borrow ebooks from a vast collection for a stipend or no cost at all. Once an ebook is borrowed, it will last for a specific time-span, and the user/borrower can choose from the available timespans (from one week to four weeks). After the selected time elapses, the ebook will be inaccessible. The goal would be to provide users with a library service on the iPad. A website will be dedicated to updating the app (making it up to date with the books on the e-library).
  2. All Reader — An app that enables the iPad to serve as some sort of wireless router, enabling mobile phones and allied devices to access books and readable materials from the (parent) iPad. Such that an iPad can serve a large number of users — the app can be downloaded on other devices, such that the interface of the iPad is replicated on the ‘slave’ devices. The app will be configured in such a way that QWERTY keypads can access the iPad’s interface. The iPad’s wireless service will cover a reasonable range.
  3. Gutenpad — An app that collects a huge amount of book summaries (each book summarized into not more than 750 words) on a wide array of subjects. It will be created for the quick reader, whose list of to-reads is piling each second. The app will be a sort of Project Gutenberg in synoptic form.
  4. iSocial — an app that is a diary of Tweets and Facebook posts. Based on the fact that proposed users of the app are addicted to social networking, it will be necessary a user’s tweets and posts are scarcely (if ever) collaged. Consider the fact that Facebook and Twitter are diaries of some sort — most users use daily. The only difference between a tangible diary and these is that the former has a system of referencing

I am hoping that in the future — some days, weeks, whenever — I can come up with more ideas, and see where it goes from here. But notice that I am really interested in apps that emphasize on accessibility to the readable material. I might be playing around with the ideas of the apps, but I am dedicatedly serious about emphasizing that more Africans have access to reading platforms.

That said, leave me to my dreams!



  1. Padrarian already exists. You can borrow library books using the Amazon Kindle app – for free. 🙂

  2. Emmanuel Iduma

    Thanks. Didn’t know that..