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“Reflections Unheard”: Black women, Black nationalism and the origins of womanism

The clip below is from a documentary in the making on the origins of” womanism” as a result of tensions between Black feminism and Black Power ideologies in the United States. The project will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign but meanwhile donations to help complete the documentary can be made to YelloKat Productions.

Should African feminists be having similar discussions – many already believe we should! Whilst the issues raised in the documentary are familiar to many of us, African feminisms are rooted in different political and social contexts and different understandings of feminism. I use the plural “African feminisms” to emphaise that the identity “African” outside of a geographical context is problematic. Simidele Dosekun discusses “the discourse of African authenticity” in her essay “Defending Feminism in Africa

However for African feminists like their sisters of colour elsewhere, the focus is on challenging the existing power structures [Western imperial and corporate domination as well as national ones] and local patriarchies which lead to the marginalisation and socio political exclusion of women, LGBTI people, shackdwellers, rural communities and migrant workers to name a few.


  1. The comments of the women intrigue me but the clips from the past confuse me because I don’t know whether this is a discourse on the issue of women in the black nationalist movement now (if there is one) or during the civil rights era within and closer to the 1960s. 

    I laughed when one of the women spoke. She said she’s pretty but said in so many words she’s speaking on behalf of the ugly ones too. I neither take gender issues nor racial issues lightly. I believe, however, that you cannot examine either of them without also including economic issues with a dash of religious issues as well.

  2. Sokari

    Please note this is just a very short clip. The documentary has not yet been completed and if you follow the link you will see they are still trying to raise funds for the project.

    Yes I also thought that amusing and an uncomfortable moment.