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The Hypocrisy of the UN and US on human rights & social justice

Ugandan LGBTI activist, Kasha Jacqueline speaks at the “UN Summit on Discrimination and Persecution”. – Through her own personal experience as an activist in Uganda, Kasha speaks about the war against the LGBTI community in her country and the hypocrisy and failure of the UN to protect anyone – at least anyone outside of the interest of oil and nuclear weapons.

Kasha is highly critical of the UN, the invasion of Libya, saying it does not care about her and other activists. Whilst at the conferences she was harassed at the UN building by members of her country. She asks, where was the UN in protecting her and others who are been victimized in the their countries? Where was the UN in the war in northern Uganda? Why does the UN continue to talk about human rights but at the same time happily sit next to world leaders and their governments who are torturing and persecuting their own people [and I would add make selective choices on where to intervene, who to topple based on nothing more than self-interest and greed]. Who holds the UN accountable? She concludes the UN does not care about human rights. She is right and neither does the US.

What is missing from the Summit are the voices of Americans and people living in the US who have suffered discrimination and persecution, torture and detention, and the many people killed by the state when there is reasonable and in the case of Troy Davis substantial doubt as to his guilt. Kasha speaks of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill which may or may not be dead and buried. The Bill originally called for the death penalty for repeated homosexual offenses but was dropped following outrage from the global community. The US was highly vocal in condemning the possibility of death penalty in Uganda yet the US is one of the few countries along with Saudi Arabia [its ally] Iran[its enemy] China [its competitor in the global market] in the world that continues to issue death warrants EVEN where there is reasonable and substantial doubt. The murder of Troy Davis was the the worst human rights violation – a legalised murder committed by the United States Government – an obscene baying for blood, an act of vengeance against the innocent.