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Japan to donate food from Fukushima region to global south countries

NHK [Japan National Broadcasting] reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is proposing to purchase industrial and canned fish products from disaster hit areas, Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate as “a means to tackle harmful rumor against their products”. The Ministry applied for a budget $65 million for this purpose under overseas development aid[ODA]. These products have a high risk of being contaminated yet the Japanese government are intending to send them to countries in the global south! Not done with killing their own people they now want to spread their nuclear death under the disguise of aid – in other words kill and make even more people really sick!

Six days after the Fukushima diaster the Japanese government increased the allowable limit of radiation for water and other drinks to 200Bq/cesium. In the US the limit is 0.111 Bq/litre and the WHO standard 10 Bq/L – I dont know what these figures mean but there is a huge gap between 200 and 10 and 0.11. In addition families who wish to evacuate from outside of the supposedly safe area have to finance themselves and since most cannot afford to do so they are forced to remain. Karori Izumi of “Shut Tomari” and “Save Fukushima Children — Hokkaido” comments on the present state of the Fukushima region and demands that children be allowed to evacuate the contaminated areas plus the shut down of all 10 nuclear power plants…

Our country and we are are contaminated with fallouts , nuclear waste, contaminated water and food, and now our government is trying to contaminate people in developing countries under a name of “developing aid”. Please note that 3400 teraBq contaminated water was discharged from Fukushima Daiichi to the sea by the end of May, affecting all living creatures in the sea. Radiation does not respect national boundaries.

Our government does not let Fukushima children evacuate, exposing them to high level of radiation, and furthermore they are now trying to contaminate people and children in developing countries with contaminated food and industrial goods under ODA, using Japanese tax payers money. This is totally unacceptable. There are several specific claims and petitions to be put forward and separate actions to be taken during the sit in. Stop sending contaminated food under ODA is one of them.

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