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African Feminism, Poetry


“racism, classism, transphobia, homophobia and the internalised dimensions which perpetuates the “order of things””

Either someone is feeding Dwayne Ameboman
Information or he hadn’t gone out all day today?

“Isn’t it my right to choose?” said Tanya Sea Warrior.
Defiantly she continued, “it is, isn’t it my right to
Choosing whether service providers called me “mam”
Or not. Saying, “please, do not call me mam,” was
For Tanya, a right to be her own person; no one’s pet.
Whether Dwayne and co bought it was their business
Tanya Sea Warrior had reason for her assertive, DON’T!
She had heard, “mam” and “man” intertwined in jest.
She wasn’t laughing. Watch Dwayne & co amuse was…
Objection to being called mam was out, permanently
Objection to being mammed was a transfeminist stance.
A glow came over Tanya Sea Warrior smiling to herself.

Mia Nikasimo (c) October 2011