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Sane Sex Mentality [2]


If hell didn’t exist how could  heaven? Think awhile?

Show us what goes on between your legs, you freak?

What is it to you what abides between my legs?

Now I get it. I understand the fear that sacks you  so.

“Come to church with me,” you said offering redemption

As if it were yours to give? As if it were a lifetime freedom?

Then  as I took momentary contemplature, realisation

Sprang  on me like a feral feline on the prowl, claws out,

Ready, steady while I gyrated along unknowingly.

“] know what I want and that’s that!” you said in sane

Sex finality like something out of the middle ages, growling.

Your claws sank in deep. Everything went dark & knot.

In a thrice you put legislation through; no consultation.

Not short of misrepresentation you went to work.

My sisters, my brothers and the rest of us still pay the price.

That makes believers uncertain. Their fears spiral out,

Uncontrolable, faster that the blink of an eye, even faster.

Outrage on the scale of Malawians panto-ing 2 gay accused,

Outrage on the scale of Nigerians ridiculing all people lgbtiq,

Outrage on the scale of mime – ing Ghanaians pointing us out,

Outrage, outrage on the scale of warmongers globally not

To mention even in his wake, Adolph Hitler; as frenzied

Did it in one swift. movement,  see? That’s how to deal

With vermin. Whom are you calling a vermim? Whom?

Let me try & illustrate how this is  so. Watch the sulk’s

Face go into a paroxym of negative emotions, they say:

“I’m not an alien I’m just attracted same sex not sane sex.

I’m so aware of the perpetual proliferation of sexed sanity

I’m a human being not set apart like a super being or a deity,

I won’t sulk with you. All I’ll do is educate through visibility.

Sulking behind the guise of “righteousness” shows you up.

Stop pathologising me my sexuality and/or gender identity.

Sexual attraction irrespective of taste is the personal itch.

Gender identity relative to individuals is the personal switch.

For you, all I will say is this: “get hold of yourself!

The world is resourceful enough for you & me.”





Mia Nikasimo (c) October 2011