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Sane Sex Mentality [3]

A bill built on spurious lies cosied up to the old world order
Funny that, bearing in mind the fact that, this is a hold up
Laughter always fails me just about now: 2011, stitched up

This is what persecution felt like for a cornered atypical gal
This could small town anywhere but it isn’t; shame of shame
It is Nigeria. We still hail thee even to our cost at times

The “who am I to talk?” of self-denigration is not entertained.
With snap voice taking potshots in the dark is it any wonder?
The hate merchants have gained free reign; all streetlights off

Don’t venture insane voices when you are out and about
Don’t propagate your ill concealed secret in “decent” parts
Don’t expose our children to un-african, insane taste, don’t

Even your body language is loud and clear for all who care
In my wake you laugh ridiculing laughter daring my reply
When I don’t answer you bash my head in with shopping

The police are hard at work celebrating the dumb bill
The arrest me on your say so and beat the shit out of me
Their explanation: “we couldn’t explain it. What is it?”

They claimed, “your lot is at fault for remaking yourselves!”
They put me on trial on the streets. Harmattan notoriety
They laughed at my swollen lips, “you did that to yourself!”

Negotiating ways to love in dark times is rife with burden
Whether I speak or not my body speaks via its very visibility
51 years on repressively with all the same double standards

Is it a surprise? Hardly. Graduate running around on empty
Seeking out the saviour in every nook and cranny against
The heavy hand of proliferating juju and unprovoked curses

These are but only a few of the debris of sane sex mentality
Nigeria we love thee, our disowning native land exiled
As we are by state sponsored hatred enshrined. Until free

Mia Nikasimo (c) October 2011