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Sane Sex Mentality [4] – a response to the Nigerian SGMB 2011

This is the last in the series of poems in response to the Nigeria Same Gender Marriage Bill 2011

Putting food on the table was his role now it’s anyone’s
Sane sex mentality; lure me close with seductive smile
Sane sex mentality; watch me as I smile back, friendly

A feral pack explodes again loud of voice and laughter
Sane sex mentality; the streets and alleyways battle thru
Sane sex mentality; “you are not a woman” walking by

The prey rabbits scared silly wondering how far safety?
Sane sex mentality; sharpened beastliness runs riot, hiss!
Sane sex mentality; chatterers loose proportionality too

The critter the from on high leaps it will an arm break
Sane sex mentality; social construction gone mad
Sane sex mentality; a leg will break too diversity lost

Wonderments persist. Can we stand posted, Lion of Africa?
Sane sex mentality; insane daily stalkers, lynchers, abusers
Sane sex mentality; in beer parlours on every street corner

Broken by imported moral tissue fervently against us
Sane sex mentality; hyper congregation junkies, crazy
Sane sex mentality; empowered idlers, alarmists touts

Against our spiritual well being imprisoning us in its own
Sane sex mentality; thieving rascals draft injustices
Sane sex mentality; you’d no intention of being friends

We no more know the landedness of nature, of bodies,
Of fluids not to speak of the phenomenology of orificial .
All cleansed away in alien concortions from unknown lands.

Adalapa =breakanarm but the pieces are nowhere in site
Stowed away in cavities long buried by fathoms upon fathoms
Of disrememberment, fathoms of miscognisance until no more.

So planting Adam and Eve and Eden, and the gate, and the fall
And then theperpetuity of original sin to keep us from asking:
“What happened to our sexual & gender identity pre-Yourstory?”

Now when they no longer pursue us our own brothers & sisters
Have taken up your pseudo magical languge of erasure to us.
“Let them take themselves out to our sane sex mentality or die!”

But how can we submit to fathoms of pathologisation for you?
How can we lay down and die so you may sleep easy at night?
How can we say greatest of Africa when we are so denied?

For this, I became a bullfrog myself, in order to learn I had to.
Ajantala -mad bullfrog, body of bodies least mentioned
I sprang the globe looking at gender identity. A populace

Of antiquated skeletons of long burned “witched and wizards.”
Sane sex mentality; even the morning run lost its way
Sane sex mentality; but not us alone oppression impacts us all

Mia Nikasimo (c) October 2011