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“God is a game” a load of money, miracles and hate!

Nigeria is now trending as ” a very religious country” and Nigerians as “a very religious people”. Well if one meausres religious by the numbers who attend churches and mosques then it must be true! The business of church and religion is probably the most competitive business in the country so competition for new bodies to save and pockets to burn can get heated. One of the fastest growing churches are those led by “prosperity” and “charismatic” preachers – everyone wants to be rich right and lets face it with miricles and all, the medical profession have outlived their usefulness.

So who are prosperity preachers? Millionaire and multi millionaire preachers who preach not humility and humanity but how to get rich, how to get one over your neighbour or basically how to fuck the peson next door, miracles, possessions, demons and yes bring life to the dead!

Seyi Rhodes’ documentary Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers focuses on millionaire Dr Sign Fireman. Seyi is interviewed here and the film is below. I am no great fan of Seyi Rhodes, who hosts “Unreported World” which like many TV documentaries is reductionist and sensationalist. However in the last segment he does try to interrogate Pastor Fireman on his outrageous claims over money and bringing the dead to life but time is short. One day maybe the pastors [bankers] will be exposed and the congregations of these churches will wake up to the lie but I’m not holding my breath.

And then there are the stories such as this one reported on My Weku in which a woman was persuaded to sell her husbands possessions. She ended up on the streets with her two children. .

Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, My Weku for sharing the story and film originally shown on Sahara Reporters. By the way, there isnt much about hate in the film but take my word for it – its there, lurking below the think facade of faith and holiness and if the wrong people should appear the hate will leap out and swipe at you, strip you naked and laugh in your face. So beware!

“Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers” with Seyi Rhodes from Sahara Reporters on Vimeo.