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Words not necessary

For all those who were murdered by bombs in Nigeria today.

For my family scattered across the world [US, Ireland, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Dubai, Pacific Ocean] – two here, one there, 10 over there, dozens over over there, three far away and most of all my grandson – I miss you all.

Simphiwe Dana featuring Mthwakazi – iNkwenkwezi.

Via Neo-Girot


  1. Hey Sokari, I feel very sorry for you. I hope Everything gets well soon enough. Video is nice.

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    Hi why would you feel sorry for me? I certainly don’t feel sorry for myself!

  3. I condemn such cowardly and barbaric acts. Why would someone in their rightful mind think that blowing themselves and blowing others up will get them what they want!! This Boko Haram thing is getting out of hand and I hope peace and security will be restored to Nigeria soon.