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From colonial dependence to petro dependence: A video window into the colonial past

Three Roads to Tomorrow – a BP promotional film uses three students from the three different regions of Nigeria to depict the transition from the past to the modernity – from colonial dependence to petro dependence.      And the trains ran too.  I even suspect there was electricity or at least there weren’t any generators. View the film here.

‘Three Nigerian students from different corners of Nigeria come to Ibadan University. While they sit talking in a dance club, the film traces back each of their journeys to the university. Scenes of their homes give a new impression of an old country, and we come to understand how a modern network of communications – all dependent on oil and petrol – has opened up what was not so long ago inaccessible territory’ (Monthly Film Bulletin, 1961, 14).

Via @Ory Okolloh Via African Urbanism