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Powerful Ugandan response to Kony 2012

An excellent response to Invisible Children by Ugandan blogger Rosebell and very pertinant for her to speak on this International Women’s Day.


  1. Melanie Lynn

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. I deeply respect your thoughts and opinions. Perhaps there is no one better to tell this story than the people who have been living through this time in Africa. They should start telling their stories right now, while the entire world is listening. This movement can grow into whatever the people want it to be. The people of the world, not divided by borders. I also think the people involved with Invisible Children hear your concerns and agree with many of your points, and they offer a detailed response to the many criticisms that have been leveled against them:

  2. AfroArtemis

    What a wonderful response to a complex question. In the states, people grow apathetic and disillusioned from being isolated from the rest of the world. I appreciate hearing your voice on the subject, as I was very wary of the information in the viral video being circulated. I think invisible children would do well to watch “how not to talk about africa” again.

  3. james mc donald

    Shame on them that do that shit,for wealth and control,shame on them.

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    Thanks for these comments but you should also contact Rosebell via her blog and leave comments there.