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Transsexual is not a democratic choice

Self-acceptance as the 18 transsexuals in this video blog attest is not a democratic choice. Rather it is an individual’s decision. These courageous people exlode a number of gender myths. Indeed, these are exciting time to be transgerder in Turkey but as is apparent on some of the faces some of us transsexuals fght daily to be ourselves. Even in the UK while walking up a street with a massive police sation in the middle of it two black women (a carer and her client) moralise at my trans expense. The carer does the pointing out. The client tosses a tag, “liar,” she shouts and I register how society has lied its way into our hearts and minds. Proud Trans Turkey is the alpha in the endless evolution of the omega of change. A film by Gabrielle Le Roux depicts a gender identity utopia in place of past violent transphobic hub or tries to say at least. I feel the celebration and vulnerabilities and I wonder when transsexuals elsewhere will take the initiative? Indeed what are we doing in our respective necks of the wood to say we are transsexual we exist and we are here to stay?

My gratitude goes to the courage of everyone featured in the making of this vlog seen and unseen. Thank you all.

This video is part of a series from the Proudly Trans Turkey project consisting of personal narratives, portraits and documentary film. Watch more from the series here [How Old Are You] and [How Do Hate Crimes Affect You]