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Let’s Talk About Sex

Did you just cringe from this direct affront of a title? Then that might be the hypocrite in you, the sappy morality you probably incurred from a decent upbringing and/or  religious beliefs. I am of a modest upbringing too: a good childhood, a roof over my head and parental censorship, one of which included my mother knocking off the TV set while it broadcasted a sex scene in the Black American Drama series, Soul Food.

At the tender age of five, I once asked my father how little babies came about? His reply was that it took long periods of prayer to the Almighty. Now that I am grown, I am wont to imagine intercession by couples in several sexual positions.

Saraba has taken a taboo subject to discuss in her 11th Issue. We were quite aware of the delicateness of this salacious delicacy, if you will, its ‘political incorrectness’. But the reality of sex either as a tool of procreation or as an object of pleasure can not be easily swept under the carpet of propriety. Nigeria as country has experienced a population explosion for instance; about two-thirds of her citizens are under the age of thirty. This speaks of an unequivocal consequence of unprotected sex.

That was why in our Call for Entry, we asked a question: How does sex manifest itself in personhood, differences, affection, rights and protest? I am delighted that we got responses from all genres, from various representative geographical locations: Kenya, Uganda, India, Zimbabwe, Bostwana, Greece, America and Nigeria. This reinforces this elemental theme as being universal. And we can emphatically say, Sex is all about being human.

Fine writings abound. Writings questioning the philosophy of sex, its variances, its core act in an unbiased approach; sex is being cross-examined by a plaintiff who is intent on bringing everything to fore.

From a seminal essay exploring the growing consciousness of African homosexuals to a a morality tale about a man who visits a brothel only to meet his estranged deranged spouse. From covetous neighbours whose psychological intent are examined while mowing lawns to a nigerian marriage  broken down like a septic wound being chronicled under Lekki lights. These stories depict what it is to human in our times, permutating reality mimetically.

Love and sex poems ranging from outright vulgar to sublime are also ouevres and most importantly, the contorted images of a young photographer through whose lenses the minute details that border on sex are coned down on with startling results.

We enjoin you to savor our latest meal. All that is required is some time on your hands and a gadget that can download and read a pdf document. That is clearly not too much to ask for?


Download the Issue here

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  1. many years ago i would have cringed at the topic, but today i was excited when i saw it. We have to talk about it, and its a joy to see that many people now do. This issue sounds like something to really look forward to.