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  • I would stay up until 3 a.m. in somewhat of a late-night ménage a trois, except instead of lovers, it was my laptop and phone, both of which I’m a little too in love with. (Seriously, my family has had interventions with me about it. But that’s another story all together.)

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  • One: Gender is not the study of what is evident, it is an analysis of how what is evident came to be.

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  • Rebellion in the outskirts and idleness in the centre, those ‘shut out’ and those ‘shut in’. The barbarians are opening up spaces of anonymity and interrupting the global mobilisation we call life. Spaces of anonymity that are black holes the powers-that-be can not approach.

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  • Haitian economist Fred Doura has called Haiti’s economy a dependent and “extraverted” characterized by enclaves. Speaking of mining, he wrote:

        “The extractive industry in Haiti is a typical example of an ‘enclave’ industry under foreign domination where two North American transnationals exploited the minerals bauxite and copper… [T]he impact was practically null on the economy.” [Économie d’Haïti — dépendence, crise et développement (2001)]

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  • This essay examines social media content leading up to the presidential elections in May 2012. It provides ten interactive graphs to illustrate public opinion expressed on Twitter. These graphs represent sentiment and semantic analyses of over two million tweets from seventeen hashtag feeds posted from 10 April 2012 through 24 May 2012. The following hashtags are in the study: #egyelections, #egypresiden, #egypt, as well as the Arabic hashtags Ø´ÙÙŠÙ‚# حمدين# ,انتخابات_الرئاسة# ,العباسيه#  ,ابوالفتوح# ,خالد_على# , موسى# ,مرسي# ,#مصر.

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  • In DRC, there is birth of militant movement, winds from the EAST of DRC province of South Kivu with the Swallow Group and Rainbow sunrise and Joyce tried to improve a little the situation of LGBTI this BUKAVU.Puis the city whose movements will be expected in the North Kivu town of Goma and its association with approximately Other shep and the Movement for promoting respect and equal rights for sexual minorities “MOPREDS” who have a order to fully activism: the change in the situation, discrimination.

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  • “Clearly, African cinema, too, like African political leadership, cannot hope to advance without the presence of women on the scene…. Sembène was considered a significant feminist…  But even his films will not be satisfactory… until we have affirmative action in Africa to include women in politics, in classrooms, in film schools, and in every other sector of life.” (Diawara, 2010: 161).

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