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Timeline of corporate human rights abuses in Nigeria

Platform have created this excellent Timeline which documents the actions and interactions of all those directly and indirectly involved with the exploration and exploitation of oil in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The timeline is based on the examination of 4,521 leaked US embassy cables from Nigeria and builds on the report: Counting the Cost….: Corporations and human rights abuses in the Niger Delta

The 4,521 leaked US cables came from Nigeria between 2001 to 2010. The idea behind the timeline is to provide easy access to the wealth of information contained in these cables on the role of oil companies, private security firms and Western governments in the Niger Delta crisis as well as highlight the responsibility of the Nigerian government and other actors. The timeline is a work in progress – it’s not a comprehensive list of even the major events in the Niger Delta but it holds important insights into the roles of key players. Over time we will add other sources of information to it, using Freedom of Information requests.

You can learn more about the US embassy cables in this article on the anatomy of cables, and this piece by a former diplomat.

The timeline was researched and created by Ben Amunwa and Pip Brown at Platform. Platform is a London-based oil industry watchdog that campaigns in support of communities and individuals whose rights are affected by the impacts of oil. If you have any comments or feedback, or would like to collaborate with us, contact ben AT