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  • The first crypto war revolved around the hardware-based Clipper Chip and coercing companies to deploy broken encryption with backdoors to enable domestic State spying. Fortunately, the good guys won.

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  • Executive Director Amber L. Hollibaugh speaks with Laura Flanders about direction of the LGBT rights movement and explains how desire can be both the ends and the means of a sexually liberational politics. The interview was featured on The Nation and other news outlets. The transcript of the interview can be found below.

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  • A mad scramble for Nigeria has been underway since 1999. The name of the game is called privatisation. It was a programme put in place to dispose of some 1,000 state-owned enterprises and institutional buildings to a few highly placed Nigerians and their foreign collaborators. The exercise has never been transparent; it was not intended to be anyway. So far, it has been characterised, in typical Nigerian fashion, by greed and avarice. While privatisation may not be entirely dismissed, the manner in which it has so far been implemented in Nigeria leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

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  • This interview is part of a longer one conducted with Gilbert Achcar in Berlin on 18 and 20 May discussing his book, The Arabs and the Holocaust which was translated into German in May 2012. The interview  explores intersecting paradigms and predicaments of racism and colonialism for a post-war German nation. Specifically, it touches upon some of the historical roots and contemporary debates in Germany, concerning anti-Semitism and philo-Semitism and the way both phenomena have played out in modern German politics until today. 

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