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A musical conversation between Oumou Sangare & Bela Fleck

Stunningly beautiful performance of ‘Djorolen’ by Oumou Sangare from the documentary “Throw Down Your Heart” by Bela Fleck. The film is a musical adventure to discover the African roots of the Banjo…..

Ever since he started playing music, Béla heard stories about where the banjo came from. To many, the banjo is seen as a uniquely American instrument — and even conjures images of white Southern stereotypes. But the banjo is actually a descendant of an African instrument. West Africans have long played an instrument that looks and sounds much like the banjo. When slave traders captured West Africans, many of the slaves brought that instrument, and the knowledge of how to make it, to the United States. On plantations in the American South, slaves were not allowed to play drums, but they were allowed to play the banjo. Soon, whites started copying it, and the banjo evolved into the instrument we know today — and became a part of American culture. Béla wanted to go to Africa to trace the roots of the banjo, the instrument that defines who he is.
Stunning performance of “Djorolen” by the great Oumou Sangare from Bela Fleck’s documentary “Throw Down Your Heart” (edited version of similar Youtube video)

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