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  • As we grapple with our own “federal character” palaver in the context of our own mismanaged federation, the African Americans over the years have had to struggle with how their complex diversity shapes their politics, jobs and power sharing, although (unlike ours) without compromising merit and standards. So, black journalists under the aegis of the NABJ have been fighting the issue of “diversity in America’s Newsrooms” now within the context of the bogeyman called globalization that shapes the way politics, business and indeed journalism are practised in the new world. The beauty of the strategy of the NABJ here is that its operatives and operators recognize that within the Unites States multi-cultural system, you can only ‘fight’ for opportunities with the weapons that knowledge, modern skills and even superior arguments can offer. In other words, yes, they want “diversity in the newsrooms” but they want all their members to be as skilled in journalism practice as their white counterparts in all genres. Whenever vacancies exist in nay of the news media houses, they watch out for how meritocracy, not how mediocrity, will work out.

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  • Al-Qaws’ mission, Maikey said at a Haifa conference organized by Aswat earlier this year, is “to oppose patriarchal institutions and systems that regulate our sexuality, (and) to challenge gender and sexual standards and norms which have always been depicted as fact, such as heterosexuality.”

    “Patriarchal institutions” may be a broad target but for Palestinian queer activists, that is the point.

    Colonialism, sexism, heteronormativity — all of these forms of oppression are interlinked and inseparable, and al-Qaws leaders approach the queer struggle from different perspectives that go beyond specifically LGBT concerns.

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  • Many of us race bloggers, activists, and academics have kept a critical eye on the dynamics of race, sports, and gender these Olympics.  Cringing when Bob Costas mentioned former dictator Idi Amin as Uganda joined the opening ceremony’s parade of nations, petitioning when an advertisement featuring a monkey aired after Gabrielle Douglas’ historical all-around gymnastics victory, and questioning the International Olympic Committee (IOC) who cautioned Australian boxer Damien Hooper against making a geopolitical statement after he wore the Aboriginal flag on his t-shirt in his first match.  Yet despite the IOC’s wishes, race and politics cannot be separated from the sporting that brings the diversity of the world and its athletes to center stage.

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    But it doesn’t. The Olympic Marathon had its route moved to Pall Mall because Tower Hamlets, the poorest borough in London, doesn’t quite make the right impression.

    It depends. Not people affected by the Games — only 25% of the Olympics workforce are from the five Olympic boroughs. However, Atos Origin, who run the volunteering scheme, are generating colossal profits from contracts. They’re less charitable to their workforce, who won’t get a penny for their time and energy.

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  •  Beautiful Trouble is a book and web toolbox that puts the accumulated wisdom of decades of creative protest into the hands of the next generation of change-makers.

    Politics is not only fought out in state houses, workplaces or on battlefields, but also in the language we use, the stories we tell, and the images we conjure – in short, in the ways we make sense of the world.

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  • Like  queerlit50  this list is about the author’s identity, rather than content, so it includes books in which everyone is white (Giovanni’s Room) and no one is obviously queer (A Raisin in the Sun). If I have inadvertently identified anyone incorrectly (for example, including someone of Cuban descent who doesn’t consider themselves of color, or calling someone queer who doesn’t identify that way), please let me know and I will be happy to amend.

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