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  • Haiti’s brutal army was disbanded in 1995, yet armed and uniformed paramilitaries, with no government affiliation, occupy former army bases today.

    President Michel Martelly, who has promised to restore the army, has not called on police or U.N. troops to dislodge these ad-hoc soldiers.

    Given the army’s history of violent opposition to democracy, Martelly’s plan to renew the army “can only lead to more suffering”, says Jeb Sprague in his forthcoming book “Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti”, to be released mid August by Monthly Review Press.

    The role of Haiti’s military and paramilitary forces has received too little academic and media attention, says Sprague, a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He hopes his book will help to fill that gap.


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    Africom and the 21st Century colonial war regime Richard Brenneman

    RBG Communiversity

    Africom is America‘s newest imperial tool, created under the impetus of Air Force Gen. Chuck
    Wald, the same four star who directed the air war against Afghanistan in the opening round of the Bush/Obama endless wars.
    Wald was also the driving force behind the Pentagon‘s agrofuel program, which aims to create
    vast amounts of crop-
    derived fuels to keep America‘s war machine, well, booming.

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  • With minimal consultation, African governments are signing away huge tracts of land for lease on the cheap. Now communities are raising their voices in opposition to these projects that bring little local development.

    The Nguruman Escarpment is one of global tourism’s secrets. Rising from the arid and salty wastes of Lake Magadi as the Rift Valley heads south out of Kenya is a steeply rising expanse of yellow-fever acacia thickets and vast savannah meadows. At its northern edge, it overlooks the Serengeti plains from a height of 2,000m. It feels as if God installed a private balcony to gaze over

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