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Vagina Dialogue: A Date with Eve Ensler

The poem Vagina Dialogue: A Date with Eve Ensler was first published by ‘Sea Breeze: Journal of Contemporary Liberian Writing‘ in 2006.   Sea Breeze which is edited by Stephanie Horton  was one of the first online literary journals on the continent.  The journal has a 7 year archive of must read radical and feminist writings by Liberians – Enjoy!


Korto WilliamsimageVagina Dialogue: A Date with Eve EnslerMy vagina became political last night
And does not want a monologue
It does not want to know its scent or color
It has known this for many years
There is no search for a clitoris
It is there and needs no friendly hands to find it
It wants to dialogue with Eve
Open an intellectual discourse
And challenge her feminist presumption
Of a global sisterhood that does not exist
It does not want to know about texture and depth
It has known this for many years
It wants to discuss the concept of community and individualism
And the impact it has on our bodies
It wants to talk about geographic regions in her monologue
And get on a blue mat to talk about female circumcision
And the right to abortion
It wants to dialogue
A monologue will make some laugh, others shocked
Of course, some wet and others hard
But a dialogue will bring to light our historical antecedents
It will tell why childbirth remains a secret and sacred discussion
Despite the role of the vagina in it
A dialogue will dismiss the search for the clitoris, especially
When we have to find our rights within society
To marry, especially if it is another vagina
A dialogue will bring light to the issue of why Michael Jackson
Cannot be replicated against the ‘sexy secretary and the little girl in the lavender teddy’
Eve, my vagina is angry and needs to update the issues in your vagina, oops . . .
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