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World Bank Releases Report on Inequality in South Africa

The World Bank has released a report which basically explains (what many other reports on South Africa have already proved) that race and gender still have everything to do with South Africans access or in-access to sound education and living wage jobs.

“Our results show that a South African child not only has to work harder to overcome the disadvantages at birth due to circumstances, but having done so, finds that these re-emerge when seeking employment as an adult,”

explains World Bank economist, Sandeep Mahajan, in a New York Times article last week. He goes on to say “these disadvantages” are passed on from generation to generation. No big surprise there given that apartheid was the political, economic and social reality in South Africa for decades, and also given that, as President Jacob Zuma so eloquently put it (to former President De Klark’s chagrin) at a recent African National Congress policy conference,

“the economic power relations of the apartheid era have in the main remained intact…The ownership of the economy is still primarily in the hands of white males, as it has always been.”

South Africa has an unemployment rate of 25%, which is relatively nothing compared to that of Black youth. To counter this, the ANC is deliberating over proposals such as land redistribution and nationalizing the country’s mines. They are expected to continue discussing this when they reconvene later this year.

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