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“Its sad but thats what you expected anyway”

Nina Simone sings about feelings in this autographical rendition of Stars. As always she has the audience in the palm of her hands including stopping her song to demand one of them “Sit Down”! The song is full of stories from her life, all our lives. Stories of loneliness, stories of lust for power and fame, of pain of betrayals, of pretense. Some make it young before the world gets to do its dirty job. Some may make it when they’re old only to be told to move out of the way…

These are the stories we love to recite knowing deep down we never owned the names we gave ourselves or others gave to us. Most of all it’s about Nina’s life as she lived it

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  1. Powerful video concert probably in Britian somewhere… The title of this video really caught my attention, almost making me mad that someone would reference to Nina Simone in such a way…maybe Nina said this herself? So I may have miss that…”It’s sad but that’s what you expected anyway”…Sad to say I expected more than this from her audience….Sad to say they didn’t show much respect, they showed downright arrogant racist behavior…Why must our Queens be subject to such and audience? One possible reason is that we need the money from such gigs and will put up with stupidity…When the black world lost Nina, we lost someone as iconic as Malcolm X…Sometimes it took our women to help us speak out against social injustice, to put up the fight, not to punk out on them…Nina Simone was one hell of a “Life Force”, she could be a little jaded around the edges at times…I loved the way Nina used the bastardized language of the day and she was in the land that gave us this diction…This quote from Kamu Brathwaite, say’s what I want to convey to you: ” It was in Language that the slave was perhaps most successfully imprisoned by his master and it was in [the slaves] [mis-] use of language] that they most effectively rebelled”….Nina was giving us a slave revolt, a call to bear arms in her mis-use of the masters language…I want to close by saying Asante Sana (Thank you very much) Nina simone for giving us love, a sense of hope, your life force…