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  • Palestine always already signifies “threat” and Israel signifies all that is favorable. This imaginary is the result of the insidiousness of the politics of representation that are employed with respect to the present debate on the Palestinian quest for self-determination. Such politics of representation, indeed, seek to frame and control the “conditions of audibility” so much so that some of us who are guided by visions of justice and an ethic of love for all people (not a people) choose to be silent in moments when we must speak up out of fear of retribution. Occupations are captivities, indeed. They are meant to isolate, control, restrict, and, ultimately, render inaudible and imperceptible the occupied.

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  • “At that time, there were bullets coming from a helicopter above them. Tsepo then lay down. A number of fellow strikers also lay down. He says he watched Nyalas driving over the prostrate, living miners,” Mmope said. “Other miners ran to the koppie, and that was where they were shot by police and the army** with machine guns.”

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  • Situated in the governorate of Bizert, the fort of Ghar Melh seemed as though it was revisited last night by the spirits of African slaves, who passed through it during their voyage through North Africa in one of the largest genocides in the history of the world: the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

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  • The problem was that the town in question was Gulu in northern Uganda, the hub of the earth-scorching twenty-year long war, ended barely six years ago, between the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Government of Uganda. The majority of the crowd for the five-night Jubilee Crusade in late July was poor and desperate; victims, directly or indirectly, of one of Africa’s most brutal conflicts.

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  • The arid nation of Namibia has a newly discovered aquifer called Ohangwena II, that spans its northeast region, which flows under the boundary between Angola and Namibia. The country is considered one of the driest in Sub-Sahara Africa, as it is largely covered by the Namib Desert. This is especially significant because the nation faces further desertification in the face of climate change.

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  • Investigative journalists face yet another obstacle after a policy change by Skype, the internet phone, video and message service.

    Many journalists favour Skype IM because it uses encrypted software that cannot be intercepted.

    But now the communications giant is able to store chats for up to 30 days, and has confirmed it will pass data on to law enforcement agencies when ‘appropriate’.

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  • An early draft of the Republican platform published by Politico accuses the Obama administration of “attempting to impose” on the “peoples of Africa…legalized abortion and the homosexual rights agenda.” Since 2006, with the urging and influence of US conservative Christian groups, several African countries have considered or passed laws outlawing homosexuality. The most infamous of them, proposed in Uganda, would impose the death penalty for “aggravated

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  • The Foundation for Human Rights is pleased to share this selection of papers with you. We have chosen these primarily from various papers commissioned by the FHR from 2007 to 2009.

    The papers were part of a two year review that we conducted to aid our reflection on the past two FHR programmes and to prepare for the third programme. In addition to the papers, we held discussion forums, workshops, policy dialogues and a range of more informal processes nationally and provincially. These processes have been invaluable in informing  the design of the third FHR programme for 2009 to 2012.

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