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The funniest things happen when you out yourself as a translesbian (i.e. a transsexual woman identified woman; a lesbian.) I, for one, am an African translesbian and I have a beautiful girlfriend who is virtually more African (if I may use this as an honorific) than I am and she’s a lesbian as far as being a lesbianism goes. Although all this is happening in Europe as I speak; African LGBTI is condemned to the underground while the “religiously righteous” seems to prefer repression to sex, sexuality and gender identity truths. Yes the strangest things still happen in the twenty first century. In Africa, for instance, as a translesbian, I will be so far underground the light of day will only emerge as a virtual spectre and how sad is that? All these stem from the deluded assumption that transphobia or homophobia is of African origin. Nothing can be further from the truth, according to Dr. Sylvia Tamale, the moral order (as applied in Ugandan Law) in its ascribed hatred and fear of transgender and gay people exposes its own selfishness. [1]

Some of this is still played out today in Europe, exported worldwide and with that is the knowledge that the fear and hatred apportioned to the civilising process which continues riding the wave of contemporary history today. It is no surprise that suddenly all the lesbians around you feel threatened by the unknown they assume that you present them with. It is something people do out of insecurity, paranoia and a scream out for approval. The question I would love a straight answer to is, who’s transphobic/homophobic now? The assumption that only female born women can be lesbian has a history as dated as humanity itself. Translesbianism is only one strand of womanhood and trans-homosexuality (i.e. transsexual and homosexuality), there are trans-gay-men (a strand of manhood) out there doing their thing on various platforms too: be they non op, pre op or post op and we date with as much diversity as the mainstream does.
What makes this area interesting? Well, translesbians unlike our lesbian allies are subjected to a sort of underhanded scrutiny by all as a result of absolutist conditioning. You can understand my shock when pre op, an acquaintance asked me if he could be honoured with a test run “fuck”. Worse he could not even imagine how offensive and demeaning his request was. I find that the wonder still prevails in a lurch, a sideways glance or a passing shout of abuse by a child, an adult or both, one aiding the other in learned prejudice. Everyone seems to want to see you naked to confirm their assumptions. When you are out for the night all eyes are on you and I’m not raising this subject in isolation as the situation above confirms. If this isn’t enough, I have also inadvertently had week long flings with women curious to know: vagina or hole? With a certain experience you instinctively become aware of your innate longings and act on them without the expectation that you are going to be anyone’s “science project”. Why are trans-homosexuals so threatening to the gay community especially when we are part of the same group? Why do people feel that they have to get into relationships with you because somehow they find out that you are transgender/transsexual? Is it merely their curiosity that goes into overdrive or is something else on a psychological level tossed in the mix?

Imagine going into a club and everyone just seems to be rearing for a fight. Understandably, you leave them to it. Engaging circumstances like these are counter-productive open traps waiting to ensnare you at the slightest opportunity. You measure their range and spar virtually as you blow them virtual kisses, or cyber smooch them, if you like and it ought to end there but it rarely does. Talk to those that are worth it, hug those that you love, and befriend accordingly. Those who are intent on picking a fight soon get the message that no matter how loud their voices get, more often than not what happens is that they expose their own fears, their hatred. Even the fear in their uncomfortable laughter sounds more jarring than anything a translesbian or trans-dyke and a trans-gay-man or a trans-fag could ever provoke; and wait for it: trans-femme, trans-androgynous or trans-butch, we are proud and we are here to stay not in competition but together.

Conversely, perhaps it is time we start thinking about lasting sexual orientation and gender identity freedom in Africa today rather than waiting for another European pill to bail us out or worse, the next century and half hence in which to mend our way, ourselves. The script of our future is ours to write, definitions ours to define and all that. Divided we fall, united we stand together as one.

[1] See Voices of Witness —Africa 2008, which can be viewed on the Integrity USA website under ‘other resources’.



  1. It has been established by science,nature and the majority of humans(99.85 percent of humans are not gay),that upbringing and sexual orientation is responsible for what you are going through.You already decided to be gay,so quit complaining and carry your burden.
    But never expect to be treated well by pussy loving men or dick loving women.You spit on what they believe in.The love and attraction between men and women.So they reciprocate by spitting right back.
    As for the issue of trans-gender gays!You are on your own with the rest of the 0.00000002 humans in that sexual niche.You need to get that fixed by a qualified psycho-analyst.
    Yes,I am intolerant,old school and backward.But it would be better if your kind would give us the benefit of doubt.Humans are a progressive lot and would like to live on for another 6 billion years.So untill you grow a penis and get your girlfriend pregnant.You are just another pussy waster.And all the pussy loving men in Africa would like to kick you(or f**k you into the ground.
    As for taking refuge behind some social scientists theories.You better know they are just theories.Social scientists have been known to support worse things,like anarchy.
    Get yourself a nice boy to show you a couple of things.Or do not come to Africa.For your own safety.

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  2. Shock on me.You had the thing removed!I did not figure this till I read this post again!Wooooi!
    Please say that you will have it planted back!Wooooi!

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  3. I did not come out until I moved here to the US. I have definitely learned a lot about being part of the LGBT community, although not much of that has been in the Black community. Although I am AfroGerman, I feel incredibly marginalized in the Black Community here. You definitely get the same homophobic attitudes and behaviors from many the Black community here in the US, especially the mainstream Black church.

    This homophobia has prevented much needed discourse about HIV/AIDS in the Black community. Black women are the fastest growing infected group, yet the Black community would rather remain silent than provide needed services and education about the pandemic.

    Their behavior reminds me of the speech given my Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who claimed that there were no homosexuals in Iran.

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