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Earthling – a short story

Earthling – a short story by Diriye Osman What I love about Diriye’s stories is I know the characters, I know the locations, I know the scenes for example, the London internet cafe. Intimate, overcrowded, noisy and most often owned and run by Somali’s. No aesthetics here just a rush job of counters and chairs and disinterested staff. Set in Peckkahm south London, Diriye explores sexuality and sister to sister relationships in a British Somali family where desires to be married and to live out of the closet are set against each other. Mental illness and death, two familiar themes in Diryie’s work, are explored as Zeytun turns to the internet in search of ways of dying but really its a search for freedom. The demons have to go and for Zeytun, this means facing her sister Hamdi who has chosen marriage over Zeytun…

Author’s note: “Recorded in one take, this is by no means a definitive recording of this story. It is a demo and in that sense, It is raw, emotional and messy.”