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Haiti – Feminist Series 2, Movement Building and Creating Community in Haiti

Organizing and Building community in Haiti.  The video counters the dominate and false narrative of Haitian women as dependent victims with little agency.  Rea Dol admits to living on the outside or the margins but as bell hooks reminds us, the margins  can also be  a space of  resistance  and a site of  radical possibilities rather than of deprivation.

“…it was this marginality that I was naming as a central location for the production of a counter hegemonic discourse that is not just found in words but in habits of being and the way one lives. As such I was not speaking of marginality one wishes to lose, to give up or to surrender as part of moving into the center but rather as a site one stays in, clings to even because it nourishes ones capacity to resist. It offers the possibility of radical perspectives of which to see and create, to imagine alternative and new worlds” *

In some ways the struggle becomes the struggle to remain on the margins – that is a struggle to remain true and outside the forked tongues and those whose betrayal is so huge many  dare not even show their faces


* Marginality as a site of resistance, in R. Ferguson et al. (eds), Out There: Marginalization and contemporary Cultures. Cambridge, MA: MIT, 1990