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Munange/Ssebo: DAVID KATO

Hello again BlackLookers. This post is not about the written word as I would rather have you hear an audio clip I am sharing here. Since two years ago, in my life and consciousness, January 26 will forevermore belong to one man and his memory: David Kato. I wrote a little song to the memory of David and although I did not get the time to properly record it in a studio I wanted to share it here as a rehearsal because the words are what carry the song. David will never be forgotten. It seems like yesterday when I was at that vigil in New York City, a week after he was brutally snatched from us.

The rehearsal is here:

Dear David – Every generation has a task. It seems it was never too much for you. When they tried to hide you, you spoke out. It seemed to never stop raining on you. David, may the star of David shine.

May we all remember to give each other the gift of acceptance, this year.

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  1. John

    Beautiful. 26 january is also important for me. In sadness that David left, in happiness that David have lived….