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Nigerian folk stories in minority languages

From Saraba Magazine – The Ways of Nigerian Folk… Sometimes we forget we have 300 plus languages each with their own folklore, creation stores, myths and just wonderful evening stories.

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Too often, Nigeria is presented as a union of three cultures with solid, defined margins. The truth however is far more blurred, delicate and much richer.

Presenting these folklore in their indigenous languages, we aim to communicate the beautiful variation and uniqueness across these cultures on the hinterland.

An Emai myth from the Emai clan of Edo State tells us the surprising creation story of why we have have armpit hair, God’s desire to contain human immodesty.

There are proverbs and sayings in Ibibio,the indigenous tongue of the Ibibio, who make up the majority of the inhabitants of Awka Ibom State. Ibibio is also spoken in parts of southern Cameroon; this illustrates the spread of the language….Continue reading and download


  1. This is really a great story. It reminds me of when we had a lot of communal interest and unity in most African families and a such stories would be told by the elders as a teaching for the younger ones to lean from.

  2. I absolutely agree with you Methuel, gone are those good old days of folks stories, tales by moonlight