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Haiti – Reframing the narrative

Peter Hallward, author of “Damming the Flood:Haiti, Aristide, and the Politics of Containment”. Reframes the narrative of Haiti as disaster and the problem as one of development. Rather he argues that the real issue is one of political sovereignty, popular power and popular powerlessness.

Read through all the reports on Haiti over the past three years and you will hardly hear the word Fanmi Lavalas mentioned so much so, its almost as if there has been a conscious decision to erase the party, the ideology and by inference, the popular masses. Hallward discusses Lavalas as a political force and speaks to the origins and growth of the movement and the attempts to break and silence the party.

Nonetheless despite the media erasure and attempts to destroy Fanmi Lavalas by the US and other foreign powers, NGOs and UN, amongst people in the neighbourhoods, activists, organizers,- the popular masses, there remains a deep desire for regaining popular mobilization. One only has to consider the silence of President Aristide and when he was summoned to court a few weeks ago on spurious charges, the judge reconsidered and decided it preferable for him to go to Aristide’s home rather than face huge numbers of popular masses demonstrating in support of the former president.