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Haiti – Feminist Series 3, A Theology of Liberation: Interview with Madam Euvonie Auguste

This interview is a reblog from my first visit to Haiti in 2007.  

On my first visit to Haiti in 2007 I spoke with Manbo Madame Evonne Auguste – an amazing beautiful woman with a presence yet warm and purposeful. Madame Auguste is a member of Famm Vodou pou Ayiti . In the interview she explains that Vodou is both a religion and a philosophy and speaks about the relationship between vodou and liberation theology. She also discusses the some of the reasons behind the demonisation of the religion and why Famm Vodou pou Ayiti want to establish their own school.

Manbo Euvonie Auguste

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  1. This audio is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.

    We must liberate our minds and reclaim our African identity.