rings and roses vanish, fleet and pass without leaving a trace.

but words are forever so, speak for this love lives on words

and words alone can ink themselves deep into my heart and

not rings, not roses, not a new house. no. no.

speak and i will live on your words, i will drink every word and i will

follow the breath of your lips to where it will land a new loving word.

no rings, no roses – they vanish, they fleet, they pass;

speak! and i will swallow your words deep into me

and make of them my core and essence. yes. yes.

keep speaking and giving me words big and small.

my darling artist, keep talking, writing and

painting your words and in all of them i will delight.

but like my Lord i will ask again that if you build me a mansion then you

should build it in the path of a flood.