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DESIRE: A Four-Part Harmony.

Desire and desirability. It was the legendary philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who brilliantly observed that “ultimately , it is the desire, not the desired, that we love.” Desire and desirability have -through time – puzzled and mesmerized sages the world over. Desirability as a phenomenon is talked about, yearned for, contested and most curiously – it is expected.

This Women’s month, March 2013, I shall explore ways in which women would like to be desired by men and other women in this day and age. It is no secret that we live in times and societies where desirability of women is their most celebrated quality – at home, in the workplace, in both entertainment and popular culture: in general global society. But what is to be desired or ignored about women? And who better to answer these question than the women themselves?

Join me, Donald Molosi, as I interview four awe-inspiring women from around the globe in this four-post series simple entitled, “DESIRE: A Four-Part Harmony.” The first interview will be with the friendly and fearless Sithanda Ntuka, a 25- year old young woman from Botswana who today calls New York her home. The interview will be published this coming week. In the meantime, may we all find something of substance to desire.

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  1. Sokari

    I am thinking about where the line is between desire and lust, what do we mean by desire which implies the erotic, something far more sensual? I look forward to reading the interviews.