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  • These values aren’t in conflict so long as you accept a particular theory of change: give people information they need to see what’s wrong in the world, and they will take action to right wrongs. When this works, the results can be profound. When the Boston Globe, building on work done by the Boston Phoenix, exposed Cardinal Bernard Law’s attempts to protect and reassign pedophile priests, it led to Law’s resignation, charges brought against over 100 priests and a crisis in the Catholic church that may help spare future parishioners from clergy sexual abuse.

    But addressing the “information deficit” doesn’t always lead to change. Much thoughtful analysis of climate change has been published, but we are still far from widespread, aggressive action to slow carbon emissions, and we’ve globally passed the 350 parts per million threshold scientists have long warned is a maximum safe level for atmospheric carbon dioxide. Hard as it has been for the Catholic Church to wrestle with sexual predators in the clergy, it’s been far harder for the US, India and China to come to a common understanding of a balance between development, growth and emissions.

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  • The United Nations food relief agency said it remained extremely concerned by the plight of 1.5 million people in Haiti who need food assistance, following extreme weather conditions and poor harvests.

    In addition to the 1.5 million people facing food insecurity, a further 6.7 million people in Haiti are struggling to meet their own food needs on a regular basis.

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  • The burning hunger, lack of relief and exploitation of the poor is easily explained by the indigenous Haitians who never saw any part of the $9 billion in his rural town. But the power of the poverty pimping NGOs, the US humanitarian occupation of Haiti is so vast, so multi-layered and interconnected with the myth of white superiority and its media forces that the rural Haiti voice is drowned-out completely. For the “schooled” stakeholders involved, both in Haiti and abroad, are mostly so vested in US imperialism, US foreign policy and white supremacy they must continue to define and defend their presence in Haiti as “development work.”

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