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  • The fact is that after 50 years African’s millions are not happy. The date tells us our celebrations are due, but the data caution us. I appeal to you to stay alert to the discontents of women, youth, and many millions of marginalized others, inhabiting mining areas, oil drilling areas, our great savannah lands, forests and deserts, coastlands and highlands. This discontent clearly finds expression across the region in numerous protests, protests in which young people and women dissent and put themselves on the frontlines. Honourable leaders please do not ignore the African Spring, and so imperil of the future we seek.

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  • One of the most common criticisms about Jeantel was that she looked like Precious, the overweight, undereducated character with a deep brown complexion portrayed by actress Gabourey Sidibe. That criticism was particularly troubling because social media users assaulted her appearance because she lives in a body that this society finds repugnant – one that is large, black and female. Jeantel’s is a body that holds no value in this society so she is perceived as a person who is not valuable or credible. So for some people anything that came out of her mouth, even in the most perfect English grammar and diction, would be meaningless.

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  • AYANA: My opinion is a conflicted one. I think that it’s a dangerous liberal move to insist that Obama speak out when the naming of LGBT interests (in the US called “the gay agenda”) is so dismissive of actual individuals on the LGBTQ spectrum, in America or anywhere else. Obama could speak out against the new homophobic laws in Nigeria, but should also condemn laws in the US that have led to an increase in LGBTQ homeless youth, to increased incarceration of queer individuals, and laws/customs that shatter the support provided by chosen family structures, in favour of the insistence of state-by-state approved, mainstream gay marriages which limit federal and local support in healthcare, education, and employment. Speaking out would be nothing short of hypocritical, paternalistic and pinkwashing if he didn’t address America’s problems as on a spectrum of its own that is also flawed and a work in progress (to put it more than optimistically).

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