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  • There is no such thing as Haiti.Or, as Edwidge Danticat makes clear in “Claire of the Sea Light,” her new novel, there is no such thing as one Haiti, no fixed understanding, no single truth. Danticat has been fixing and unfixing her native country since the appearance of her first book, “Breath, Eyes, Memory,” in 1994. She is a writer mastered by a subject, inhabited, a writer dedicated to opening her reader’s eyes to something she keeps trying to see for herself. If she succeeds in this task, she is only that much more aware that what she’s made us see is merely an ephemeral figment of her own vision, because Haiti will not be defined, constructed or mastered.

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  • The European race’s last three hundred years of evolutionary progress have all come down to nothing but four words: selfishness, slaughter, shamelessness and corruption.” Yan Fu [image below]

    It only took the rest of the world 300 years to catch on to the evil that masquerades as “western civilization,” or perhaps it only took the rise of new powers with the confidence to state the obvious. Anyone doubtful of America’s responsibility for the evil needs to read The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick.

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  • But as I pause now to reflect on the meaning and significance of the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington, I realize that my focus has been too narrow. Less than five years after the march, Dr. King was speaking out against the Vietnam War, condemning America’s militarism and imperialism—famously stating that our nation was the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world.” He saw the connections between the wars we wage abroad and the utter indifference we have for poor people and people of color at home. He saw the necessity of openly critiquing an economic system that will fund war and reward greed hand over fist, but will not pay workers a living wage. In the years following the March on Washington, Dr. King ignored all those who told him to stay in his lane, just stick to talking about civil rights.

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  • On Sunday night, Aminata Touré was named Prime Minister of Senegal. True to Touré’s style, she announced the appointment herself.

    A new Prime Minister forms a new cabinet. It was thought that Touré would have the cabinet by the end of the week. She had it by Monday evening. That’s how Mimi Touré, as she is called, works.

    Touré is called the Iron Lady. Every woman who rises to a certain level of government becomes an Iron Lady in the press. The men are, well, just guys.

    Whichever mineral flows through the veins of Aminata Touré, she has spent all of her adult life working as a human rights and women’s rights activist, who has worked in Senegal and around the world on women’s issues and, more generally, at the intersection of social and economic justice struggles.

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  • “Some pictures of Resistance Square in Port-Salut. A project of the Eric Jean-Baptiste foundation. The statue depicts a Haitian man looking up to the sun while holding a Haitian flag in his right hand and stepping on a UN blue helmet.”
    Port-Salut is the hometown of Johnny Jean who was raped on video by UN soldiers.
    The UN is widely credited for having brought the cholera epidemic to Haiti.

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  • On September 21, 2011, the state of Georgia executed innocent death row prisoner, Troy Davis.

    It is with a complicated mixture of emotions that two years later, I announce the release of I Am Troy Davis (Haymarket Books).

    When I first started corresponding with Troy, I had no idea that our growing friendship would lead to me working closely with the Davis family on this book.

    It was Troy himself who, after learning that I was a filmmaker, first put the idea into my head that I might be a part of helping his family tell their story.

    “You should consider doing a documentary about Martina,” Troy wrote to me on April 21, 2008, during the early months of our correspondence. “That’s a story of love, tribulation, survival, strength, and determination that everyone can be moved by.”

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  • For any stereotypical person who is a South African,when you see the word iMbokodo you’ll think a straight/ hetero woman with children or a married woman with/out children.
    It is a myth of course because there are many definitions or how iMbokodo individuals identify themselves.
    Question what happens when a black – self identifying lesbian win Mbokodo award.
    By the way iMbokodo derived from Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ iMbokodo – English translation “You strike a woman, you strike a rock”)

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  • Wednesday the President Michel Martelly, received at the National Palace, 11 officer-engineers and 30 Haitian soldier-technicians, graduate of chools of Ecuador “Eloy Alfaro” and “los del Vencedores del CENEPA”.

    This encounter, that was intended to be a ceremony of homage to these 41 young Haitians, who come to spend ten months in military training in Ecuador, was held in the presence of the Ambassador of Ecuador in Haiti, Carlos Lopez Damm, members of the Cabinet of Ministers and of the Cabinet of President of the Republic, representatives of the PNH and the parents of these officers and soldiers

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  • Canadian mining company Unigold Resources joins other Canadian companies, such as Gold Quest and Barrick Gold, to drill for gold, copper, and other metals in the Dajabón province of the Dominican Republic, along the Haitian border.

    Canadian miner Unigold Resources on Tuesday was issued a permit to drill for gold and other metals at Dajabón province (northwest), where it expects to strike a major deposit along the Haiti border area.

    Mining Agency director Alexander Medina said the authorization for Unigold forms part of at least 140 permits issued to various companies seeking metals and non-metallic minerals. The also Canadian company Gold Quest has received most of the permits to explore for the metal, with concessions at of San Juan de la Maguana province (west), where it was determined that there are large amounts of gold and copper.

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