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Fortress Europe

In the past two weeks over 200 maybe more,  men women and children, the majority from the Africas, have died on the Mediterranean Sea crossing from Africa to Europe. – The latest deaths add to the  1000s over the past 15 years who have died crossing from North Africa – Morocco, Mauritania and Libya to Greece, Italy and Spain.   in 2006, 250 immigrants died on the crossing to Spain

More than 250  immigrants  traveling in 6 small boats have landed in  Grand Canaries and Andalucia in the past 24 hours.  Out of a total 1000 refugees  presently in Grand Canaries, 198 were flown to the Spanish mainland.    According to El Pais the  numbers of Africans reaching Spain in the past year has gone up by 200%.  Spanish TV news  reported that there are presently some 10,000 people waiting in Mauritania to make the crossing to Grand Canaries.

In that same year, 20,000 men, women and children made the perilous crossing to the beaches of Andalucia in southern Spain.  I met many of the young men and women when I lived in Granada, the majority from Senegal and Morocco.  They came in the small rubber dinghies or wooden boats, one young Moroccan I knew well from the village I lived in stowed away in a lorry on the ferry crossing from Tangier.    Sierra Leone / British journalist, Sorious Samura’s documentary “Living With Illegals” provides an insight into the dangers faced by people crossing the Sahara which itself often takes months and comes with it’s own set of dangers, and the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

Sorious Samura becomes an ‘illegal’ [his words]  immigrant traveling from Morocco to Europe with a group of African migrants. Three of the men decide to make the crossing by swimming to the European enclave of Ceuta in Morocco – one makes it three are caught. The journey is horrendous and desperate and can take up to 4 / 5 years. At first there is a sense of commradre between the men (there are no women in the film) as they struggle for a life of selling battery’s, flowers and DVDs and living in make shift dormitories. But by the time Samura gets to France and realises he has been conned by the smuggler anger takes over. Many of the men admit to begging which is something I never saw in my life in southern Spain so maybe this is something new or something which happens in northern Spain, France.

Le Monde Diplomtatique, ‘Mapping Europe’s War on Immigration‘ explains how Europe has attempted to fortify itself from the Africas and Asias in Fortress Europe.   See also World Walls and for sheer inhumane, racist, viciousness, Israel’s treatment of African migrants remains unparallelled.

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