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  • Lord Tusk is my son and I would like you to listen & support his music. The first signing to Jon Rust’s LEVELS imprint keeps a low profile, and his discography to date is similarly small-scale, with only a single EP (this Summer’s Natural Partnership) to his name. It’s a hard-to-classify humdinger, made up of all sorts of disparate ingredients: overdriven house textures, glitch-hop sound palette, dub tempo, hip-hop swing. Lord knows what recipe book he’s using, but, with any luck, he’ll be cooking with gas in the next 12 months.

    tags: Lord_Tusk MasterKamelion CryingHands London Music_Producer Indie Roots Hip-Hop-Swing Techno_Beats

  • These images are all self-portraits taken by Haitians in the Mozayik and Cité Soleil encampments, just outside Port-au-Prince. Over the course of a week, the Self-Portrait Project went into various camps in Haiti to highlight the ongoing housing crisis. The Self-Portrait Project uses a portable photobooth structure with a large, two-way mirror and a remote trigger. Using this novel setup, the participant chooses how and when to shoot him/herself. For more pictures, visit

    tags: Photography Haiti Self-Portraits Ethical_Journalism

  • For the last thirty years of the twentieth century, Marie Vieux-Chauvet’s Amour, colère et folie was legendary for being lost. Published in France by Gallimard in 1968, this triptych of thematically linked novellas soon caused alarming ripples in the author’s native Haiti, where the Vieux-Chauvet family had already lost three of its members to the regime of state terror erected by François “Papa Doc” Duvalier, beginning in 1957

    tags: Haitian+Women Haitian_Literature Marive_Vieux-Chauvet Duvalier Exile

  • The media obsession with Lewthwaite reminds me of something that has irritated me for years: I cannot name a major Hollywood film set in Africa that does not involve a white American as the main character. This goes back to Zulu – ostensibly about the Anglo-Zulu war, but really about Michael Caine; Out of Africa – set in Kenya but really about Meryl Streep and Robert Redford; Lord of War – set in Liberia but really about Nicholas Cage; Tears of the Sun – set in Nigeria but really about Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci; Blood Diamond – set in Sierra Leone but really about Leonardo Di Caprio … the list goes on.

    tags: Media TheAfricas WhiteFaceAfrica Hollywood

  • his commemortative ritual communal meal is named after Tula, one of the leaders of a slave revolt on Curacao on the 17th of August1795. This day is predominantly commemorated by the Antillean community as, unfortunately, the Dutch don’t seem to have include this important event in the Dutch historical narrative. In the Netherlands the main commemorative event is on the 1st of July, Keti Koti (pronounce ‘Kiti Koti’) which means breaking the chains in the Surinamese language. As this year marks the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, various events such as plays, exhibitions and debates are held.

    tags: TransAtlanticSlavery Netherlands DutchSlavery BlackDutchHistory

  • Lagos is getting the rehabilitation it needs after years of neglect, though some neighbourhoods are being left behind and public cynicism runs deep.

    tags: Nigeria Lagos Urbanization Gentrification Poverty

  • This month we present work by women writing in indigenous African languages. In these stories and poems translated from Gun, Hausa, Luganda, Runyankole-Rukiga, Tigrinya, and Wolof, writers depict characters struggling with poverty, isolation, the oppression of women, the devastation of war, and the long tradition of political corruption. Haregu Keleta’s teenage girl flees an arranged marriage to join the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front in the war against Ethiopia. In two tales from Uganda, Glaydah Namukasa explores three generations of a family ravaged by alcoholism, while Hilda Twongyeirwe’s disaffected bureaucrat finds his loyalty at odds with his ambition.

    tags: TheAfricas Literature Indigenous_Language AfricanWomen Fiction Novels

  • If you already speak English and are too lazy to learn Igbo but have Igbo friends, relatives, or enemies and would like to communicate with them once in a while, this is the definitive shortcut on how to speak Igbo without actually saying any Igbo words. ( Okay, as few as possible)

    Igbo has a deceptively simple vocabulary but its structure is complex, consisting of nouns, verb prefixes, verb roots, verb suffixes, particles, auxiliaries, adjectives that behave like verbs, and adverbs that don’t exist at all etc.

    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    The secret to mastering the entire Igbo language in one day using English is to memorize only the PARTICLES and the SUFFIXES, and remember the following rule:

    Any English word can be converted into an Igbo word by adding -U

    Just add suffixes and particles and you’ll be speaking Igbo in no time!

    tags: Igbo English LinguaMixa

  • However, this is Nigeria; a ‘situation’ where everything and nothing is expected in the same vein. Information like this being treated with such nonchalance on the same morning an attack was carried out on the College of Agriculture, Yobe is nothing new. Factually, Salkida had earlier warned about this attack and admittedly deleted the warning for his own safety. A lot of us will Google the Salkida name after reading this and be amazed and angered by our drop of water lack of knowledge in an ocean of ignorance. In all this, Boko Haram thrives; Boko Haram and a tiny group of increasingly wealthy people called ‘security contractors’.

    tags: BokoHaram Nigeria Terror

  • Grief lurks behind eyes and between words, slides into dreams, lays its traps in banalities and quotidian errands. It flattens itself against walls and hides in corners. It creeps up in momentary instances of forgetting and then having to remember again. Stray thoughts of popping over to the mall to pick up—, end in a sharp intake of breath, a hot needle of pain in the lungs. Life has sad new rhythms and interruptions, tragic little hitches and re-arrangements. There’s an uptick in almost everyone’s funeral attendance and hospital visits.

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