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  • In 2008 Kitt died on Christmas Day at her US home after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Now her daughter has set up a business called Simply Eartha in her mother’s memory, as well as managing her estate. She said: “She carried the scar of her rejection with her all her life. She was rejected for the colour of her skin ironically by both black and white.

    “To some extent, I think my arrival completed her because it gave her a family that she never had.”

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  • In ‘Foreign Natives’ to ‘Native Foreigners’ Michael Neocosmos brilliantly uncovers the perplexing xenophobic attitudes that seem to characterise South African society. Xenophobia in South Africa is a problematic occurrence as one can see it overtly through institutionalised xenophobia practiced by the state and through covert xenophobia that can be seen in regular people’s interactions with people that are not South African. This book was a very interesting (and exciting) read for me because of Neocosmos’ brilliant way of unpacking the myths that some people use as justifications for the xenophobic attitudes and actions. Neocosmos ultimately proves that xenophobia in South Africa is not only on the ground, but is continuously institutionalised by the current post-apartheid government, which inherited its attitudes from the previous apartheid regime.

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  • A New Politics of Sexuality’ discusses the oppression that comes from sexual politics. June Jordan describes the oppression of sexuality as “the exploitation of the human domain of sexuality for power” (Jordan 407). She discusses that the politics of sexuality dictates one’s rights and privileges in society. Sexual politics also allows the oppression of people by sexual hierarchy, which is viewed in many different ways. She views these oppressions as male vs. female, heterosexual vs. homosexual, and also homosexual vs. bisexual. She says that no matter what your sexual orientation is, the politics of sexuality places male domination above it all.

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  • What should we make of the fact that Bradley Manning has become Chelsea, that Glenn Greenwald is gay, that David Miranda loves a man enough to submit to the harassment incurred by his partner’s work, that Greenwald’s detractors sought to tarnish him by association with—of all things—a porn company? Possibly nothing generalisable, except that gender is doing work here.

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  • We as a nation are guilty of the most horrific treatment of prisoners in the civilized world. In March, 400 prisoners in California’s Security Housing Units, as well as a number of prisoners’ rights organizations, petitioned the United Nations asking for help. Since then, the Center for Constitutional Rights has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of prisoners at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison who have each spent between 10 and 28 years in solitary confinement . A class-action suit in Arizona challenges inadequate medical and mental health care that subjects prisoners to injury, amputation, disfigurement and death — especially in prolonged solitary confinement.

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  • Judith Butler: There are surely many ways that this happens, but we can note at the most obvious level the way in which forms of resistance or violence get cast as “conflicts” that assume two sides that are fighting only against one another. We are more often than not asked, for instance, to regard Israel and Palestine as in a conflict of this kind, a framing that sets each of them on equal footing, and implicitly analogises the political situation to a fist fight, a soccer match, or a domestic quarrel. So if, then, the only two intelligible political positions are “pro-Palestinian” or “pro-Israeli,” the presumption is that one’s position is determined by a sentiment that wants one side to win over the other.

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  • Port-au-Prince, HAITI, 10 October 2013 – A “test” food voucher program in the Grande Anse département (province) on Haiti’s southern peninsula promoted consumption of imported rather than local food for almost 18,000 families, despite claims to the contrary.

    In addition, the program – run by CARE with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and supposedly meant for victims of the Hurricane Tomas who had lost their crops – did not begin until 11 months after the storm hit on November 5, 2010.

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  2. It is nice for Michael to point out one of the challenges we are still facing in a post apartheid state. Xenophobic attitudes is a low lying time bomb waiting to explode. It often makes you wonder if we have survived apartheid completely?