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Nollywood What? {Poems of Resistance}

Nollywood What?

These are the stagnant waters of our time
Big names propagated away for our minds
Women rule the world men disrupted it
After, “men in love” the gay theme dried up for good
Men rule the world women helped
Help that was often
Was swept under the carpets of laughter…
Claims accused of lesbian capones fright
Sooner or later latterdayers ran the show.
What’s his name again? This isn’t about names.
Interesting isn’t?  Go see Nollywood films if you no gree

Homosexual are assumed dirty, unnatural
Heterosexuals mix sexualities for fun to
Ward off boredom hiding quiltbag pleasures.
You no hear… big men after young girls?
You no hear… de mamas after young lads?
They call it, “enjoying fresh meat,” na so dem dey.
Don’t get me started on how they treat trans affection?
When they heard this they sent another clarion call
Out: come see oh, come see oh  dis man na woman oh
Na woman; dat woman na man. Wetin dem go say next?

This dem want dat dem want till dem pafuka de
Country them go say quiltbags dey unnatural.
Which one dem dey scream, “quiltbag” oh?
Jandon naija or americana na dem know dis devil stuff
We wey dem dey call, “quiltbag” no be beddings?
Try it this way: “QUILT BAG” abbreviates us:
Queer, queersome, queerings, we are all queer
Unquestioning, undecided, unacknowledged
Lesbian, women in love with women lesbians
Trans, transexual, transgender transgender…

Bisexual, bigender, bi affection by preference
Asexual, agender, by choice and that’s fine too
Gay men, gay women, gay queer everybody
Sex sexual sobriety subtly sensual all senses
Come one come all.
Do these answer your questions? Nollywood
Can’t until it realises sex gender & sexualities
Are what make our species diversely rich…
Until we are able to address issues clearly
Until we each experience life truthfully…
What is Nollywood? Movies or madness???

Mia Nikasimo (c) January 2014