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Shoot Raw

I have about 14 years of digital photos in storage and I’m sure there are some gems there.  Still I’ll  look back on these early ‘thinking’ days with wonder and joy as I discover my mistakes and the first rule my mentor, Ellen tells me. “Shoot in Raw, Shoot in Raw”.  Yes, there are many other considerations but this sticks in mind.

A couple of weeks ago, I went with my grandson and his parents on a beach photo shoot. Below is the first photo I took, the one before I started thinking, the one where I was in the present.   Oliver Duong of Inspired Eye has an article ‘10 Great Photography Lessons You Can Learn From a 2 Year Old”  one of which is children live in the  present as opposed to us adults who come with past baggage and think in the future …….

The main thing is that kids enjoy what they are doing, all that they care about for the time being is playing with the toy. I’ve been out on the street thinking about what to do the next week, I’ve been on assignment while doing mental financial calculation – exactly what Yoki isn’t doing.


First day at the beach

First day at the beach

A second take away from kids is about doing your best and enjoying it rather than ranking yourself and getting all hung up in relationship to others …..

How can Yoki enjoy himself doing crafts if all that he thinks about is being better than somebody else?

What matters for kids is to do the best they can and enjoy what they do. That is also valid about photography, all that matters is that you do their best and enjoy making pictures. To enjoy your photography it’s all about enjoying what you are doing, as simple as it sounds. The moment you start ranking yourself is the moment you stop being content, because being in first place will be only thing that will matter at that point.

And getting sidetracked over the masters – if I did this I would give up, so dont. Yes I love looking at other peoples photos but admire, appreciate and  then go do your own thing!

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