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Unfocused Motion

I took these on Saturday around 12 / 1pm on Ft Lauderdale beach with the brightest of Florida’s sunshine reflecting on white sands.  I only had a prime lens,  Zuiko 45 mm F/1.8 for my Olympus.    I had planned some up close photos but ended up watching  a basketball and a volleyball beach tournament.  I lost my viewfinder so had to rely on the screen which wasn’t great in such bright sunshine.

I keep hearing the phrase ‘find / finding your voice’. With the proviso that one is always in motion, learning, changing .  In London I went through a phase of taking bridges and buildings. At first this was because I couldn’t take people but then I began to see the colors, shapes and lines of these structures and that was what I wanted to capture.   But some cities, places lend themselves to a particular type of photography and European cities are great for old buildings and bridges, south Florida and Haiti are not. They have their own inspiration though I am yet to be inspired by anything in south Florida. Photographically its boring and I think that is reflected in my photos.