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Hanging with Latifa

Back in the day, I used to drive a VW camper van.  I had two. The first was never blessed with a name – she was a 1977, rusted, green and white bay and lived in North London. Except for one cold damp trip to Manchester and Rochdale, she travelled mostly in south east England.   The second bus was more interesting, a beautiful olive green bay fully equipped with bed and kitchen whose name was  Latifa and lived in southern Spain in a small village called Velez Blanco.  She traveled to France, crossed the Pyrenees into Spain and down to Tarifa. She traveled throughout Andalusia and took repeated trips to Morocco  – Tanger, Essouria, Marrakech, crossed the Atlas mountains and down to the Sahara.

Why am I telling this story? Because I decided to give my cameras names as a way of becoming more intimate and engaging. So the Olympus E-Pen is now named Latifa in remembrance of my Green Bay, and the hope of as much fun as we shared back in the day.